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I’ve always loved being healthy and active and i’m on a mission to prove you don't need a gym or a strict diet plan to achieve your fitness goals. Exercise doesn’t need to be boring and it doesn’t need to take up hours of your time! No fad diets, no weighing out food, just honest, healthy and active living.

I became a mum on New Years Eve 2014 and since then had to get pretty creative with my workouts. Being a mum can mean time for yourself is short but exercise is a great way to recharge, recuperate and relax. Which is why I created StrongLikeMum.

Having started my career in Musical Theatre and working alongside artists such as Jessie J, Les Dennis and Michael Ball. I re-trained in Heath and Fitness in 2011, specialising in Ante and Postnatal training. Since then I’ve met so many brilliant women all on the same mission to become a StrongMum and by strong I don't just mean physically fit. A healthy lifestyle is about finding a balance between inner strength, physical fitness and a healthy diet. 

Simultaneously contributing articles for various publications such as the Huffington Post, Fitpro magazine and, my passions also include walking my chocolate Labrador Hugo (who you’ll see splashed across my social media) and spending time with my family and friends in our countryside home in England.

I love connecting with people so come join me on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook or send over an email with any questions. I get quite a high number of message but I promise to reply as soon as I get a minute to sit at my desk ( which s usually after the little one is tucked up in bed!)

Thanks for checking out my website and I look forward to connecting with you soon!

Shakira xxx

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