Baby Hampshire

​​Hampshire mum, Shakira Akabusi tells us how she uses motherhood to inspire a fit and healthy lifestyle

  • StrongLikeMum Interview17:59
  • BBC Health Fitness Q&A29:14

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Shakira teams up with C&A clothing to promote a healthy lifestyle for all women. Giving an exclusive interview about how to balance fitness and motherhood and modelling their latest athleisure range. Read full article here...

Shakira has written for Huffington Post as part of their blog team.

March 2015

Life in Petersfield Magazine

Shakira reveals her top tips for a healthy start to the day. 

in the press

Shakira's guest post on rebuilding a postpartum body, read it here.

Shakira's 10 top pregnancy fitness tips in association with 

Local Buzz Magazine

Shakira offers her top tips for working out outdoors. 

Click on image to read article

Shakira is frequently featured on BBC radio to offer her expert opinion on health and fitness. Her two most recent interviews can be heard here.

Local Buzz Magazine

Shakira shares her advice on exercising postpartum. 

Click on image to read article.

Motherhood. The Identity Thief? Read the full article here

Shakira has twice been featured in the Daily Mail Online due to her effective training and rapid results. You can view both the articles here and here.


Shakira outlines a session for a Postnatal client - see here.

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